Established in 2004 by an experienced team that has completed its 30th year in the sector, Cenk Tekstil has been producing Fancy chanel and woolen fabrics, poly/visc, poly/visc ea, wool, wool blended, yarn dyed cotton and cotton blended fabrics, especially and has been continuously producing since its establishment. It continues to grow and develop. With our new collection we prepare every season, it is proud of being a fabric company preferred by world brands. It closely follows the developments in its field and has the necessary certificates and equipment, and is a part of the sustainable quality production ring. . We provide 250,000 meters of woven fabric service per month in the sector, and the raw materials, yarn, weaving facilities, finishing and dyehouses have the documents and equipment stipulated by the European Union norms. We are an approved company for joinlife and recyled productions. Our most important goal is to achieve perfection at once with our team of young engineers, technicians and technicians.


To utilize our working skills in the fabric manufacturing industry efficiently by combining knowledge and technology, and to always be among the best in any circumstances. To keep up with the constantly evolving world and strive to do better in our industry every day, and to work harder to remain a sought-after brand in the fabric manufacturing sector.


By combining our experience and accumulated knowledge from many years in the industry with the technologies and opportunities of today, and with the hard work of our dynamic young team, we aim to achieve excellence in all stages from raw materials to finished products under the name of Cenk Tekstil. Our goal is to solidify the trust we have gained in the industry and establish ourselves as a brand in fantasy chanel fabrics.


As Cenk Tekstil, we have been operating in the fabric manufacturing industry since 2004, and our top priorities are quality production, product, and customer satisfaction while maintaining respect for nature. Adding value to the industry, openness to technological and sectoral innovations, reliability, continuity, respect, and responsibility are our indispensable corporate values.


We manufacture , especially fancy chanel and woolen fabrics, poly/visc, poly/visc ea, woolen, wool-blend, yarn-dyed cotton and cotton-blend fabrics. We are proud of being a fabric company preferred by world brands by closely following the developments in the sector and preparing new collections every season.


Within the framework of the principle of sustainability, respect for nature and the environment is our primary goal. The chemicals and raw materials we use in the fabric production process do not harm nature and human health. In this context, our company has certificates given to organizations that can produce products that are completely harmless to nature and humans.


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